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2nd Quarter Conference Call - Beyond the NumbersApril 11, 2014
The Power of Rebalancing
A webinar hosted by Mark Bertoli about how the power of rebalancing can make a positive difference to your investment portfolio. 

4th Quarter Conference Call - Beyond the NumbersNovember 7, 2012
The Cardinal Rules of Investment - Why discipline counts

David Atkins is one of Canada’s top dividend managers. David shares the secrets of the power of dividends and a disciplined investment strategy. David, also examines the Cardinal banking and energy sectors. To learn more about Mr. Atkins, click here.

2nd Quarter Conference Call - Beyond the NumbersMay 30, 2012
An interview with Gregg Filmon: Effective Strategies for Volitile Markets 

Gregg shares with us his experience and beliefs about the keys to investment success. Learn the importance of dividends and knowing what you own and why you own it. To learn more about Mr. Filmon, click here.

February 1, 2012
An Interview with Rana Chauhan: Economics and the Keys to Investment Success

A look at Macro and Micro Global Economics, what do we need to do as investors to be successful in the future. Learn the difference between fact and opinion and the value of a disciplined investment strategy. To learn more about Mr. Chauhan, click here.

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